DSC_1203My philosophy of education starts with the understanding that all students have both unique needs for learning and inherent abilities that are worth cultivating. I have an enthusiastically Pragmatist Aesthetic belief that students’ greatest learning will take place at the intersection of authentic experience, interest, and relationships that foster respect and mutual trust. I believe that educators must renew and instill a sense of creative agency in the context of the broader world as much as the classroom. I believe that classrooms should be a safe space for students to explore content, process, and ability, but must never become insular. I believe that learning is defined more by quality and flexibility of understanding and connection than by discrete skills or bits of information.

Among these pages you will find artifacts of my interaction with students of all ages, from kindergarten all the way through graduate classes, and on subjects ranging anywhere from the fine and performing arts to programming to entrepreneurship. In every step, I have tried to connect to and advance the ideals of access and honesty, whatever the subject and whomever the audience.